Symposium speaker

Dr Lawrence Anchah

UNIMAS, Malaysia

Dr Lawrence Anchah is an Associate Professor of Faculty of Health Sciences, Universiti Malaysia Sarawak. Dr Lawrence graduated as a pharmacist in 1995 before obtaining his Master degree and PhD from Universiti Sains Malaysia. He has a vast working experiences in pharmacy logistic, clinical pharmacy and cardiology-pharmacy service at Sarawak Heart Centre. Dr Lawrence is also an expert in Cardiac Rehabilitation Program whereby his research interest mainly centres on cardiovascular diseases, antithrombotic treatment, as well as pharmacoeconomics study. After serving in the Ministry of Health for 21 years, he joined UNIMAS in 2018. He is currently in the Department of Para-clinical Sciences, Faculty of Health Sciences, UNIMAS. Collaborative-research and writing have always been his passion. His previous research projects cover the toxicants levels from E-cigarettes and cost-analysis of coronary interventional procedures. Dr Lawrence mainly focuses his interest on the cardiovascular diseases and in pharmacoeconomics research.