Pre-conference Workshop Speaker

Prof. Dr. Md. Moklesur Rahman Sarker

State University of Bangladesh

Prof. Dr. Md. Moklesur Rahman Sarker is working as a Professor and Head of Academic and Research Affairs of the Department of Pharmacy in the State University of Bangladesh. He is also serving as the Director of Institutional Quality Assurance Cell (IQAC) of the University (a program of Higher Education Quality Enhancement Project, University Grants Commission of Bangladesh). In addition, Prof. Sarker has the responsibility for the Collaboration of the Department of Pharmacy and Accreditation of the University. He is the Chairman of Institutional Animal Ethics Committee and Executive Member of Human Ethics Committee of the State University of Bangladesh. Before joining to State University, he served as an Associate Professor and Head of Pharmacology Department, Faculty of Pharmacy, Lincoln University College Malaysia (LUC). He worked as the Coordinator for Post-Graduate Program in the Faculty of Pharmacy, Chairman of Animal Ethics Committee, and Head of Animal Experiment Facility of LUC. Prof. Moklesur obtained his PhD degree in Immunopharmacology, Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Okayama University, Japan in 2010. He has 18 years’ of working experiences in different academic and research institutions including Head of Pharmacology Department in the Faculty of Pharmacy LUC, Research Fellow and Principal Investigator in Clinical Investigation Centre, Faculty of Medicine in the University of Malaya (Malaysia), Head of Pharmacy Department in the Daffodil International University (Bangladesh), Head of International Marketing in Biopharma Laboratories Ltd. (Bangladesh), etc. Prof. Moklesur is currently mentoring research projects of a Post-Doctoral Fellow, 1 PhD and 17 Master of Pharmacy and 6 Bachelor of Pharmacy (Hons.) students. In the past, he has supervised the thesis and research projects of 3 PhD, 45 postgraduate and 39 undergraduate students. Meanwhile, he has published 63 articles in peer review journals including journals published by world renowned publishers - Elsevier, Wiley-Blackwell, Frontiers, Taylor & Francis, Informa Healthcare, Springer, BioMed Central, and Wolters Kluwer - Medknow Publications, etc. Prof. Moklesur is currently serving as an Editor-in-Chief in a Scopus cited international journal, and editorial board member, associated editor or reviewer of 28 international peer reviewed journals such as, BMC Complementary & Alternative Medicine (UK, IF: 2.288), Drug Design Development and Therapy (USA, IF: 2.822), Phytotherapy Research (UK, IF: ), Diabetes Metabolic Syndrome and Obesity (USA), Cancer Management and Research (USA), Journal of Dietary Supplements (UK), Frontiers in Pharmacology (UK, IF: 4.4), Oncotarget (USA, IF: 5.168), Journal of Translational Medicine (USA, IF: 3.786), Diabetes and Clinical Endocrinology (USA), Pakistan Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences (Pakistan), International Journal of Occupational and Environmental Health (UK, IF: 2.068), Journal of Occupational Health (Japan, IF: 1.285), Pharmaceutical Sciences (Iran), Onco Targets and Therapy (USA, IF: 5.168), International Journal of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences (India). Prof Moklesur has research interest on Diabetes & antidiabetic agents; Immunomodulating agents; Cancer & anticancer agents; Lipid lowering agents; Prophetic medicines, Phytomedicines/Herbal medicines; Functional foods & Nutraceuticals; Antibiotic/Antimicrobial Resistance, Rational utilization of anti-diabetic, anticancer and antibiotics; Sub-standard/Adulterated/Counterfeit drugs; Impact of food adulteration on public health. From his wide research experiences prof. Moklesur is skilled in planning, development, and execution of high impact research in medical and pharmaceutical sciences. He is experienced and keen to formulation/development to toxicity/pharmacological/clinical studies and commercialization of novel nutraceuticals/herbal products for the treatment/management of diabetes, immunity and hyperlipidemia. He is a certified Clinical Researcher by the Ministry of Health, Malaysia to conduct clinical studies. Prof. Moklesur presented his research in several international conferences and seminars and was awarded as the best paper presenter in the International Conference on Industrial Pharmacy 2014 in Malaysia, and in ISE SFEC National Conference 2017 on Drug Discovery and Development from Natural Sources held on May 2017 organized by Faculty of Pharmacy, University of Dhaka in association with the University Grants Commission of Bangladesh’s Higher Education Quality Enhancement Program (HEQEP) subproject. As a speaker of the conference on Functional and Medical Foods for the Management of Chronic Diseases held at Harvard University, USA in September 2015, Prof. Moklesur presented his recent research on functional foods for the management of type 2 diabetes mellitus which was highly appreciated by the conference delegates all over the world. The key research projects of prof. Moklesur focus on novel nutraceuticals and therapeutic formulations from functional foods/Prophetic medicines/phytochemicals aiming to recommend as the main therapeutic agent or complementary medicines for the effective treatment of diabetes, cancer, immunity, obesity, and hyperlipidemia with the minimization of the unwanted side-effects of conventional medicines. In March 2018, Prof. Moklesur was invited by KPJ Healthcare University, Malaysia for a day-long workshop entited “Toxicity and Pharmacological studies Protocols and Techniques by using Animal Model” in which a huge number of academicians (Prof., Assoc. Prof., Asst. Prof., Lecturers, Post Docs), researchers from academia and industries were attended along with students from different public and private universities of Malaysia. Prof. Moklesur obtained several research grants and lead several research projects as the project leader or Principal Investigator. He is currently lead a research group in the University of Malaya for “the Discovery of Novel Anticancer and Antidiabetic Drugs from Prophetic Medicines and Nutraceuticals”. At present, he is coordinating a research project in Malaysia obtained from the Ministry of Higher Education of Saudi Arabia for the development of a novel formulation from Prophetic (BPUH) medicine for the treatment of brain tumor. Prof. Moklesur is currently mentoring and/or involved with 20 different research projects in different academic and research institutions in Malaysia, Australia, Japan, Saudi Arabia, and Bangladesh. From his research achievements, Prof. Moklesur has obtained a PATENT for the discovery of anticancer drug for the treatment of brain tumor and another two PATENTS for novel antidiabetic and immunostimulating formulations from functional foods are in progress. He is a member of several professional associations/societies, such as American Pharmacists Association, American Society of Microbiology, Academic Society of Functional Foods and Bioactive Compounds - USA, Malaysian Pharmaceutical Society, Pharmaceutical Society of Japan, Bangladesh Pharmaceutical Society, and Bangladesh Pharmacy Graduates’ Association. As an acknowledgement of his outstanding contribution for research and innovation, his biography has been published in the world’s prestigious biographer Marquis “Who’s Who in the World 2016 (33rd Edition, VIP Number: 37008993)”.